E-Mobility Congress of South Africa

March 1st & 2nd, 2021

Virtual Conference

For information about South Africa's Lock Down, updates about the status of COVID -19 and emergency numbers to call, please click on the button below. 


We happily share our post event report with you. Have a look and get some insights on what happened during the event. Also get a sneak peak on what the future holds for EMCSA 2022

About Us

The future of EV in South Africa: Making SA EV Viable 

The wheel is slowly turning and rapid technological developments in terms of fast charging, improved electric vehicle range, design and integration are addressing these concerns. There is still a lot that needs to be done. 


That is why we, as thought leaders of South Africa need to come together and discuss the roaring issues SA faces and what possible solutions are. 

South Africans have a ''make it happen'' attitude and in that lies a lot of potential, all we need is the right group of people that can make the future of EV a reality. 

''The time is right for EV's - In fact the time is critical''

- Carlos Ghosn.


SA Faces A Number of EV Issues. 

Vast distances, lack of charging infrastructure, range anxiety and the prohibitively high purchase prices of electric vehicles, are key factors that will continue to stifle the adoption of electric cars in South Africa for the foreseeable future. 

Join the Conversation

Be Part of the Solution

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For any inquiries, please contact our Event and Project Coordinator:

Chante van den Berg |

012 661 0285


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