About Us

EMCSA 2021 Virtual Conference allowed us the opportunity to host brilliant speakers from across the world, from Belgium to Australia to our local South African professionals, all sharing their thoughts and wisdom on How to Make South Africa more EV Viable.

For EMCSA 2022 we are aiming for ‘’bigger is better’’. Once again, the E-Mobility conference will be hosted via online/virtual channels. This way you can join us from the comfort and safety of your own homes, no matter where in the world you are. We want to reach and influence more people. The more minds we put together, the more innovative and sustainable the solutions will be. 

At EMCSA 2021 it was clear that the main problems South Africa is facing are Local Manufacturing, Policy Infrastructure, and Power Supply. Luckily for each problem, there were many solutions. We want to deep dive into these solutions and solidify their potential in our country.

For 2022 we are planning a more information-packed schedule than ever before.

The wheel is slowly turning and rapid technological developments in terms of fast charging, local manufacturing, policy changes, and integration are addressing these concerns. However, there is still a lot that needs to be done.

That is why we, as thought leaders of South Africa need to come together to deliberate and debate on the potential solutions that uniquely present themselves in our country.

Registrations are open, so secure your seat today!

Free to attend