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EMCSA 2022 is looking for professional industry leaders that are as passionate about EV’s as we are.

For EMCSA 2021 our focus was based on ‘’Making South Africa EV Viable.” We had exceptional speakers from across the world who joined us to share their findings on how to better prepare ourselves and our economy for EV’s.

It was clear that the following issues needed to be addressed head-on:

-         Local Manufacturing

-         Policy Infrastructure

-         Power Supply 

Therefore, our theme and focus for EMCSA 2022 will be ‘’EV’s in South Africa: The Localization Opportunities’’.

With the importation costs alone pushing the dealership's hands to up the sales price to a rate that is unaffordable to most South Africans, not even to mention the importation rates and taxes, it is clear that we should start there.

Why not locally produce and manufacture EV’s in South Africa?

Think about all the wonderful opportunities that localizing presents, from manufacturing, policy changes, engineering opportunities, job creations, new skills development. The possibilities are endless. 

If you feel you have the knowledge, background, and insights to shed some green light on this topic, we would love to hear from you.

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Image by Chris Montgomery