Interested in speaking in front of an audience who wants to learn more about the future of electric vehicles?


The previous virtual conferences allowed EMCSA the opportunity to host brilliant speakers from across the world - international and local professionals, all sharing their insights on how to make South Africa more EV viable.

The EMCSA 2023 aims to foster greater collaborative industry participation in a convenient format (hybrid), and provide delegates with unique experience and fruitful discussions.


The conference will discuss the challenges and opportunities in the e-mobility sector in the country.

For electric vehicles to be widely accepted, a sophisticated ecosystem is required to cater to all electric vehicle needs.

The goal for EMCSA 2023 is to start conversations among other topics; in electric vehicle infrastructure, battery technology, local manufacturing of electric vehicles, issues of governance, skills development, job creation and effective policy development, and also look at entrepreneurial initiatives that has set out the path for EV's future in this country.