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Devan Moodley pic.jpg

Devan Moodley - 

CEO of One Stop Charge

Bio: Over the past 20+ years, Devan has developed extensive skills in the areas of Corporate Sales Management (Regional, Direct, Government, Security & VIP), Financial Services and Product & Brand Management in the automotive industry. Leveraging his brand marketing experiences, Devan has delivered strategies, tools and practical guides on how to build, grow and maintain authentic, value-driven and influential brands in this highly competitive, digital landscape. He is a dynamic, forward thinking entrepreneur, passionate about all things Automotive, E Mobility (electric, shared and autonomous), Digital Transformation and Business Development. The keywords that drive him are innovation, sustainability, entrepreneurship and partnership. He is a dedicated networker, leader and human. At your service.

Topic of Discussion: Devan will be the MC of this congress, leading you through the days proceedings and getting you excited about the future of EV in South Africa

Jaco Botha - 

CEO, Solareff and Director - GridCars

Bio: Jaco is a professional Electrical Engineer who is passionate about technology that can be used to create a sustainable future. In 2010, he co-founded the renewable energy specialist group Solareff (Pty) Ltd, a proud member of the Alviva Company Group. Under Jaco's leadership they expanded with the acquisition of GridCars, which quickly became a leader in EV Charging. GridCars successfully established the national GridCars and Jaguar Powerway, which has become a game changer for EV drivers. Jaco and his team continue to work with OEMs to expand their charging network and ultimately enable an easily accessible carbon free transport system across South Africa. 

Topic of discussion: The effect of EV's on the grid, is it a threat or does it create stability? What impact will EVs have on South African’s overall grid stability? How will our regular load-shedding impact  this technology? Is our grid capable of supporting mass adoption of EVs? These are some of the questions that Jaco Botha will address as he explores the potential effects of EV's on the grid.  Through this presentation Jaco will also examine how, through Smart-Charging, EVs can become an integral part of the grid of the future.

Nhlanhla Mazibuko - 

Founder of Mazibuko Motor Company

Passcode: y1.qUG0*

Bio: Nhlanhla Mazibuko has been working as COO at Khanyisa Solutions, a solar installation and green solutions company since 2014. Khanyisa Solutions helped increase the installation of solar geysers & systems all across Gauteng. In 2019 he started working on clean mobility and battery electric vehicles, he then founded Edison Motor Company in 2020.

Topic of discussion: The 4th Industrial revolution and the EV opportunities. South Africa has a strong car manufacturing industry of ICE and employs hundreds of thousands of people. With the world shifting to BEV’s, kicking starting the nations EV manufacturing industry is vital and gives promise of economic growth and job creation. The presentation looks into the different kinds of opportunities across various industries that an EV market presents, from mining, battery production, light and heavy vehicle production.

Robert Kochhan - 

Senior professional in the sustainability and resilience Australian Road Research Board (ARRB)

Bio: Robert Kochhan has several years of experience as a research associate working on future urban transportation and mobility projects. Between 2010 and 2016, he focused on the transportation system in the city state of Singapore evaluating the viability of battery-electric vehicles, considering technical specifications, costs, environmental impact, and user behavior. He continued to follow his passion for sustainable transportation as a member of an Australian solar car team where he contributed to the design and development of solar-electric vehicles since 2017. He also participated in two Australian World Solar Challenge events. Robert currently works at the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) as a senior professional in the sustainability and resilience team where he is continuing his research on low and zero emission vehicles to support Australia’s transition to a more sustainable and carbon-neutral road transport system. 

Topic of discussion: Environmental Impact of Low and Zero-Emission Vehicles
What do we need to take into consideration when assessing the lifecycle impact of electric vehicles compared to their fossil fuel counterparts.

Amiene van der Merwe - 

Founder & Managing Director of The Green Cab

Bio: Amiene van der Merwe has a MA in education and recently completed the "Small Business Boost in the Green Economy 2.0" Course at the University of Pretoria. She is the founder of The Green Cab and has a passion for sustainable living and promoting women's participation in the Green Economy. She was featured in the Green Economy Journal as "Super Women in the Green Economy" and she was selected by the Transformative  Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI) as a Remarkable "Women in Transport".

Topic of discussion: Seizing the Climate Crises and the Rise in EVs to drive Women’s participation in the Green Economy.

Chris Selwood AM - 

Event Director, Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, Australia

Bio: Apart from brief periods working with the ultra conservative establishment Chris Selwood always seems to be involved in the unconventional. Following a few years on the hippy trail in the late 1960s, Chris gained an electrical qualification in the Royal Navy, where he managed the technical aspects of the UK Government conference suites. He spent the following 30 years travelling the world with prestigious conferences and special events, juxtaposed with organising a number of hippy festivals in Europe and Australia.  Chris has been involved in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge for almost 30 years and has been running it for 25.  Chris is a passionate environmentalist and advocate of sustainability and low impact living. Chris and his family practice what they preach, living off-grid on their farm on the lower lakes of South Australia which encompasses a private conservation park.  In 2017 Chris was awarded the Order of Australia for services to science, education and the environment.

Topic of discussion: What the next 10 years will likely bring about in Mobility around the world.

Tiaan Oosthuizen- 

Mechatronics Engineering Lecturer - TUT

Bio: Tiaan Oosthuizen holds a PhD in engineering where he specializes in energy optimization of solar electric vehicles. He has built, co-managed and researched solar electric vehicle technologies for the past 6 years. Tiaan is also an academic who has published numerous papers on solar electric mobility in scientific journals. Additionally, Tiaan has supervised various state of the art electric vehicle technology advancements and research applications.

Topic of discussion: Prototype solar electric vehicles in a South African context. Electric vehicles CAN be part of the solution for mobility in Africa, however we have the responsibility to be the catalysts in driving the technology, awareness and policy around these areas. Tiaan and Johannes will discuss, mainly in an educational environment, what it takes to start a prototype electric vehicle team and its successful management and how to plan for the future. Operationally, they will discuss how to approach funders and understanding different stakeholders and their needs, how to budget and how to balance academic and research projects with practical implementation. 

Johannes De Vries - 

Technician Graduate, School of Electrical Engineering - TUT

Bio: Johannes De Vries is an Engineering Technician at the graduate school of electrical engineering at TUT. He has obtained a master’s degree in signal processing. Additionally, Johannes was a solar car team member for TUT in 2012 and has served as the team manager from 2014 until present. Johannes has also supervised students on solar electric vehicle projects as well as several other related projects since 2014. Among other things Johannes is passionate about managing STEM projects in collaboration with TUT and several High Schools.

Topic of discussion: Prototype solar electric vehicles in a South African context. Electric vehicles CAN be part of the solution for mobility in Africa, however we have the responsibility to be the catalysts in driving the technology, awareness and policy around these areas. Johannes and Tiaan will discuss, mainly in an educational environment, what it takes to start a prototype electric vehicle team and its successful management and how to plan for the future. Technological advancements in composites, batteries, motors, solar panels and energy management will be discussed.

Gaylor Montmasson-Clair - 

Senior Economist - Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS)

Bio: Gaylor Montmasson-Clair leads TIPS's work on Sustainable Growth. Gaylor is also a Research Associate at the University of Johannesburg’s Centre for Competition, Regulation and Economic Development (CCRED). He holds two Master’s degree, respectively in International Affairs from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po) of Grenoble, France, and in Energy and Environment Economics from the Grenoble Faculty of Economics, France. Gaylor has been working on green economy issues for over 10 years and has carried extensive research on the transition to an inclusive green economy from a developing country perspective, focusing on policy frameworks, industrial development, just transition and resource security. Prior to TIPS, Gaylor worked at the French Ministry of Economy and Finance as well as the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Topic of discussion: Exploring policy options to support EV value chain development in South Africa. The presentation highlights work done by TIPS for the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (the dtic) and the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (NAAMSA). He will discuss policy options are available to support the development of EVs in South Africa, both from a market development perspective and an industrial development angle. The presentation considers the practicality as well as the costs and benefits of all possible avenues in order to formulate recommendations on the way forward.

Patrick Wheeler -  

Professor of Power Electronics Systems, Head of the Power Electronics, Machines and Control Research Group, Global Director of the institute of Aerospace Technology

Bio: Prof Pat Wheeler received his BEng [Hons] degree in 1990 from the University of Bristol, UK and his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering for his work on Matrix Converters from the University of Bristol, UK in 1994.  Since January 2008 he has been a Full Professor. He was Head of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Nottingham from 2015 to 2018.  He is currently the Head of the Power Electronics, Machines and Control Research Group, Global Director of the University of Nottingham’s Institute of Aerospace Technology and is the Li Dak Sum Chair Professor in Electrical and Aerospace Engineering. He has published 750 academic publications in leading international conferences and journals. Prof Pat Wheeler was involved in the writing of the rules for TTXGP, the first electric superbike Grandprix, in 2009.  Since then he has been involved in the regulations for electric superbike racing as well as founding the University of Nottingham’s Electric Superbike team, which has finished on the podium for the Ilse of Man TT Zero race in 3 out of the last 4 years as well as being the European Champions two years in a row.  

Topic of discussion: Enabling Technologies for Transportation Electrification. This presentation will explore some of the key electrical technologies for Transportation Electrification, including the current state of the art and the challenges for development as well as future research directions.  The topics will include energy storage (batteries), power electronic converters, electrical  machines, drive trains, charging systems and integration. 

Anzet du Plessis - 

Director, Proof Communications Africa

Bio: Anzet is senior science communicator with extensive experience in the motoring industry. In her current role, Anzet has worked in Low Carbon Transport with the South African National Energy Development Institute, helped launch the Electric Vehicle Industry Association and has advised numerous entrepreneurs working in e-mobility.

She has acted as media director for several subsequent Solar Challenge events. 

Topic of discussion: In a world with increasingly obvious climate change impact and rising oil costs, why does the modern consumer need to be convinced to buy an electric vehicle? Anzet du Plessis looks into the behaviors that drive conformity, resist disruption, and what South Africa can learn from other countries about communicating about e-mobility.

Confirmed Speakers


Darryl Chapman - 

E-Mobility Project Manager, Eskom

Bio: Darryl started his professional career with Eskom in 1995 after the completing his BSc. in Electrical Engineering at WITS University. Initially Darryl started out in high voltage electrical engineering research and obtained his MSc. (Eng.) in 2000. In 2009 Darryl was seconded to Eskom’s Internal Energy Efficiency program as the Programme Manager for a period of 4 years. Darryl has recently taken on the role of e-Mobility Program Manager, responsible for the development of a business case for e-Mobility within Eskom.

Topic of Discussion: TBC

DeVilliers Botha.jpg

DeVilliers Botha - 

COO, Solareff and Director - GridCars

Bio: Currently DeVilliers serves as Chair of the SAPVIA SSEG (Small-Scale Embedded Generation) Work group, as well as serving on the Green Energy Forum for the Garden Route District Municipality. In 2017, Solareff expanded into green mobility through the acquisition of GridCars - a developer of Electric Vehicle (EV) charge point software management systems and supplier of charge points. Under his Directorship, GridCars has successfully installed South Africa’s most extensive EV charging network. DeVilliers is truly living the Green Lifestyle thanks to his home solar PV solution which also charges his EV thus further reducing his carbon footprint. As an EV owner DeVilliers is a true enthusiast and says since he has switched to an EV he surprisingly doesn’t even miss his V8 fuel guzzler!

Topic of Discussion: Living the “Green Lifestyle” – a distant dream or a present reality in South Africa? DeVilliers will share his personal experience of truly living the “Green Lifestyle” and the impact that it has had on his daily life. DeVilliers will provide insights into the challenges and benefits that consumers experience when they switch over to an EV, and explore how to effectively progress to living the Green Lifestyle within the South African context

Frederic John -  

Senior Consultant - Neckermann Strategic Advisors

Bio: Frederic obtained his Master’s Degree in Business Engineering where he specialized in Marketing Management and Entrepreneurship from UMons and an MBA from Imperial College London Business School. Frederic focuses on helping companies understand how the Mobility Revolution will change their business. He has co-authored multiple smart mobility research reports and is a contributor to the World Economic Forum. He is also a mobility guest lecturer at Universities, a writer @ and mentors mobility start-ups in London and Singapore.

Topic of discussion: We need smart Cities 

Claycia Johnson - 

Manager: Electro-Mobility & On-Demand Mobility Solutions

BMW Group South Africa

Bio: Claycia Johnson has worked in the automotive industry within BMW Group SA for the past 10 years between both the MINI and BMW brands.

She is a highly driven individual motivated by the possibilities of what the future holds. Achieving the best result for all stakeholders is a high priority to her.

 Claycia has been responsible for critical aspects within BMW Group SA focusing on product and pricing positioning, bringing key technologies and innovations into the South African market, as well as electro-mobility solutions.

 She has been responsible for developing and executing an electro-mobility strategy to further strengthen the business. Ensuring that both industry and businesses keep up with the changes in their environment, consumers, competitors and offerings is key to remaining competitive and relevant.

Topic of discussion: THE FUTURE IS ELECTRIC 

BMW South Africa has been selling electric vehicles in South Africa since 2014. Claycia will provide an overview of BMW Group’s vision and investment in charging infrastructure within South Africa. BMW Group South Africa has been key in lobbying with government and stimulating industry conversations around electric vehicles in the market. Claycia will talk about what the future holds, challenges and opportunities when it comes to electric mobility in South Africa.